Prof. Dr. Mullens received his degree in Cardiology as well as Cardiac Rehabilitation in Belgium in 2005, and graduated as advanced fellow in Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation (2007) and Electrical Therapies for Heart Failure (2008) at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, United States of America. He also received the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Technical University Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 2009. Actually, he is working as a staff Cardiologist in the Hospital Oost-Limburg Genk, Belgium and also as Associate Professor in the School of Medicine and Life Sciences of University Hasselt, Belgium. He is Heart Failure clinician with a strong commitment to translational research translating new mechanistic insights into answering questions of clinical interest. Main research topics are cardiac resynchronization therapy as well as the cardiorenal interactions with more than 250 peer reviewed publications. He has been president of the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure and serving as board member of European Heart Failure Association (HFA).